28 December 2009

a Christmas miracle...

After spending Christmas Eve in Monroe, we drove back that night...and made it there alive. Some crazy truck cut me off. I fishtailed for a bit, but we were ok. I had flashes of us on the interstate with Christmas morning strewn about and kids crying. Thankfully, that's not how things played out.

Instead, we transferred sleeping children to his or her bed, and they woke up to Christmas morning at home:) Santa was even able to find something to excite the little girl that told him she didn't know what she wanted! And Elijah got the one and only thing he wanted--a red pedal push car. Santa is amazing, if i do say so myself!

Hazel was not left out, but she was uninterested in anything once she scavenged the rubble of the stocking raid and found dum-dums! She was one HAPPY baby!

After testing a few toys and a couple of mishaps...like Elijah's helicopter in Renee's hair, we were off to the airport!

These children have flown a lot, but it's been a while. They were AMAZINGLY good! Renee played with her new tag. Elijah listened to his new radio {what was Santa thinking?!? who knows what that kid is even listening to!} and little baby played peek-a-boo with any passenger that made eye contact!

An hour non-stop flight with 3 little angels was heavenly...especially considering that our other option was a 12 hour car ride. We can barely handle the 4 it takes to get to Monroe. Neither Orum nor I are cut out for road trips. He's not even very useful on a plane, especially when he doesn't take dramamine {like on this day} but these 3 were SOOOO good that I didn't even need his help. Definetly, a great Chrismas afternoon treat:)

And now we are here!!!:) I am already enjoying vacation--sleeping in and trying to read up on the 3,000+ posts in my google reader. It's obviously been a while!

Merry Christmas!!

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