08 December 2009

growing up!

These pictures may seem normal, but they're not. Look closely...Elijah is wearing JEANS! It's a big deal. I don't believe in babies wearing jeans--they are only tiny once, so I dress my babies like babies:) Anyway, last year I attempted to buy both Renée and Elijah a pair of jeans. They both protested, and refused to even try a pair on! A few weeks ago, Elijah started asking for a pair so he could be "just like daddy." It turned out to be a harder task than I thought; he's so dang skinny. Well, 3 pairs later...we have a winner! He LOOOOVES them. He wants to wear them everyday, even to bed.
And in typical Elijah fashion, he's not happy until he has a "weapon!"
{Don't judge me for my naked garland...it doesn't look like that anymore:)}

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mary ann said...

he is getting so big, and he looks like such a big boy in those jeans