16 December 2009

cool tricks, cool tricks!

Anybody watch "yo, gabba gabba?" When Elijah watches it, this one is entranced. She must be trying to learn some cool tricks...first up, sitting AND smiling for a picture! Although, she must be sitting alone. If a sibling is anywhere near she starts planning an escape immediately!
She is a master bow shedder.

And when her hands are full...she just walks on her knees! {Quite funny} And hey, you never know when you might need tylenol or a glue stick!
She is a master scavenger--usually for food, but next on the list is tape! She has ruined several rolls in the last 2 weeks. She loves to pull it all out and then stick and unstick it to her fingers.
And she can blow a whistle! Lots of tricks for a tiny little girl!
{We tricked her for this picture. Renée snuck behind her when she wasn't looking. When Hazel did see her, she started crawling away. I'm not sure why she won't sit for a picture with them. I'm sure it has nothing to do with them fighting over who was going to hold her in pictures when she was oh so tiny!}

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