21 December 2009

good times...

Before we move on to Christmas, I suppose I had better finish up with the little baby's birthday! We gave her a wagon. I think the other 2 enjoy it just as much as she does...well, probably more!
Elijah has designated himself as permanent wagon-puller. Renée is a happy passenger. Hazel is a sporatic passenger. If he starts running too quickly, she reaches up to the nearest person and start signing "all done!" After a little break, she's ready for more!
Such silly little children! {silly, but adorable!}
Everyone says that Hazel looks just like Elijah, but from the looks of these pictures I think she looks like Renée :)
These 3 can hardly wait any longer for morning to come! {well, definitely the older 2. Hazel just loves to rip paper!} And I can't wait to see their little faces light up!
dMerry Christmas y'all!

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