21 December 2009

it's her party...

and she'll cry if she wants to! She was obviously NOT a fan of her party hat, even if she did get the special one! After she got it off, if anyone even came close to her with it she would start SCREAMING! She hardly ever cries, but on this night there was apparently a lot to cry about! So much that you would have never guess that she had taken a 5 hour nap, yep that's right a 5 hour nap! Such is the life of a Young baby.

But, I do have to say that whoever said that December birthdays are no fun is SOOO wrong!! I think that this is my favorite party yet, but then I do LOVE Christmas!!! But really, milk & cookies...ADORABLE and totally a hit! {Until someone knocked the table and the milk spilled into my shoe}

Since she loves to rip paper, she was excited about her presents until all the big kids {her brother and sister specifically} started trying to take over her job!

Also, NOT a fan of having her hands restrained. She just wanted to touch the fire!

And she definetly wasn't a fan of the sprinkles.

She gave the cupcake a fair shot, but decided that she preferred a chocolate Santa. I suppose her love of chocolate developed in the womb.

And, of course, cute favors and crazy kids. At least someone like the party hats!

Happy Birthday to a sweet baby girl! I promise that next year there will be no party hats, no helpers opening your presents, and no sprinkles! OK, I'm not sure that I can keep the party hat promise, but maybe. We love you and feel so lucky to have such a sweet girl in our little family!


Jason and Kate said...

I swear all kids cry on their first birthday. It is like a ritual they must do to turn into a toddler. :) Very cute ideas! You are very clever.

melanie, aka Mo said...

LOVE the Christmas party. What... two more years? and we will be celebrating birthdays with y'all?! Yay! Thanks for all your help last night. You forgot your book! I will mail it. And did you leave that money? Your sister asked me and I didn't remember WHAT we did about that. I cannot believe Hazel is in those shoes! I think Gabbi may end up having Marfan (giant) syndrome! Or whatever it's called. The kid is growing like a weed! I don't think we have seen those shoes since early summer?! Have fun at Disney.


Rachel said...

Happy birthday to Hazel! What an adorable party for an adorable little girl. I can't believe she's one already!