06 December 2009

little trees...

When the Christmas decorations went up last week, the little trees were the first out! Renée has had then infamous pink tree since she was two, but this year Elijah got an upgrade from his 12 inch green tree.

Last Monday, I told him that if he came home with a stamp from school--stamps mean good day--then we would go get him his own tree. His reply, "it better be red." I told him we could get green and he reluctantly said ok. We got to Wal-mart, and he decided that he wanted a baby blue tree. I vetoed, and we kept shopping. We ended up at Big Lots. They had a red tree on display, but not in stock. Luckily, there is more than one store in the city. He was one happy
boy! He was VERY serious when it came to hanging the ornaments. He had his own vision in mind--lots of clusters!

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