13 December 2009

crazy day!

Tonight was the Christmas party at church...there was a pagent. Renée was Mary. Elijah was Joseph. Ellie was an angel. Renée was VERRRRY excited. She concluded that she was never going to get chosen to be Mary at her school, and that this was her only chance. I'm sure she's right. Even if she were going to be at ASH in 4th grade, her chance of being chosen to be Mary for Mater's Feast is zilch. Elijah was excited a few days ago. Tonight, not so much--he agreed to do it for candy. I guess their clothes were a little on the colorful side, but I kind of spaced the whole costume thing until 20 min before it started.
These walked up and sat together VERY calmly and VERY sweetly through the entire narration! I LOVE that Elijah eventually started putting his feet in the "hay" and that the sheppard opened and closed his umbrella!:)
And what did we have to go through to get there? A flood...
It had been raining for a while that afternoon, but I never looked outside...until it was time to leave. When it floods by our house, it's usually after midnight. Not today. This is at 5pm. There is seriously a lake in front of our house. It extended for blocks down our street. Down the main street, and across our house into the school yard. We carried the kids to the car one by one. I'm just glad that I now own a pair of rain boots! Such is the life when your house is in front of a main city pump.

Those 2 cars behind the tree--abandoned in the middle of the street. Further down, a mail truck with water up to the headlights that is most definitely flooded and several other abandoned cars. One left its hazard light on. It's now dead. Orum waded through the water to move his truck. We saw the water pick it up and move it when a car was trying to drive through. I was amazed at the people still trying to drive through when there were cars already half way under water! If you look past the 2 abandoned cars, there are many more abandoned on the neutral ground of the main road.

Right now {almost 3am} the water has significantly receeded. I'm just wondering when all these people are going to come move their cars!

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