24 April 2010

best weekend ever!

Last weekend the Twin City Ballet Company celebrated it's 40th anniversary...which meant a reunion for me and my best girls!! These are the girls that I saw 6 days a week for countless hours--we danced together, ate together, got in trouble together, and even practically slept together! They were the first people I saw on Saturdays mornings from the age of 10! These are the girls that I will LOVE forever!!

We called ourselves the "Sensational Six!" Meet Anna--back in the day she was in charge of applying makeup for every performance! {that is after the age that we could convince our mothers that we didn't need them to do it anymore :)} oh, and plucking our eyebrows! random you say, well you have to get creative when you are stuck in the studio for HOURS each weekend. I mean we weren't in every dance...we did have a little downtime while we were there!

The two girls above are Jill {left} and Lori {right}
Jill graduated high school the year before us, but the year after when we decided that we must perform a surprise dance for Ms. Linda at our very last recital ever...she came back to dance with us! Baby blue spandex dress, bun, and all!
Lori is in NYC now--still dancing! I think we are all slightly jealous, you know just a little :)
This is me {of course} and Jenny! I was the resident bun creator--a little challenging at times. Jenny's hair was often that short, and then there was that time I chopped ALL of my hair off--like so short that the back of my neck was shaved! Fake hair was involved.
Jenny like to unnecessarily make fun of herself to make us laugh. Her comments were always witty, but NEVER true!! {NOT EVER!} Some people say we look alike--hey jill remember that time you hung up on Jenny because you thought you saw her, but really it was me?!

{oh, and look at that cute little boy in the background...playing so quietly with a pencil, paper, and play-dough!}
Our reason for meeting---don't judge us. They are delicious, and your mouth is probably watering just looking at the carcasses.

Elijah decided to feed his dinosaur a little dessert--apparently it only likes tall blondes! This is Katie she didn't dance with us, but she was at every performance. She's been adopted into the group!
And another picture of jill because she is ALWAYS ready for a picture!
More to come...there's the reunion, the ballet, the after-party, and the every famous after-after-party!

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