29 April 2010


Last weekend Renée went to a birthday party for a couple of her best friends. It was a cheerleading party, and 4 of the SAINTSATIONS were there! It was also our first "drop-off" party! We dropped the girls off, they learned a dance, and then we came back for their big performance. They all wore white bottoms and were given matching shirts and pom poms for their performance. They were adorable...
The camera man seriously cracked me up! He weaved through the girls the entire time...I can't wait to see the footage! And now, this little baby says, "Who Dat?" {well, less who dat and more whooooo....same thing though, right} every time she sees a pom pom. Of course, autographs followed--on gold paper plates :)

And a group shot. They look like official jr. saintsations to me!

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