27 April 2010


We did finally get to see the ballet performance on Sunday afternoon, and the kids came too.
Hazel got to see her first ballet--which she throughly enjoyed! Well, until the end when she just started yelling "mom" {she likes to yell. a lot.} and yes, she can be heard yelling for me in the video. She's just getting a head start making her presence known in the company. Renée was there as well--she watched intently and decided which dancer she would be when she was old enough to be on that stage. She always chose the smallest little dancer.
and these 2 little boys gave up on the ballet and started playing cars in the grass--that's evan anna's little boy. aren't his curls to die for!?
and of course, our group couldn't watch a performance without teari
ng up a time or two or more...it didn't help that they did lots of our old dances. they did a great job, but, of course, we did them better! we tried to pick out which girls had on our old costumes {many of which were made for us, which meant our names were written on the inside:)} until next time girls...

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