05 April 2010

easter morning...

baskets, eggs, and treats! We decided that the bunny MUST have been hungry for carrots when he got to our house, because everything was orange! Take a peek at Hazel's. Of course, her basket was the only one intact when I woke up!And then we made eggs. This boy had one goal...red eggs. Mission accomplished.
Renée and I were trying to make tie-dyed eggs with a kit. it did not work. There were a couple that looked marbley, but definitely not like the side of the box! We finally gave up on that. Elijah put every egg that he could reach in either the red {pink} or purple bowl. I managed to get one in the blue.
This little girl didn't care about colors...she just wanted to EAT them!And then we packaged treats for our friends! {bag topper found here}

All followed by the great hunt...pictures to come!

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