07 April 2010

the hunt!

We hunted eggs a couple of times on Easter Sunday, and everyday since. Renée and Elijah were pros, but it didn't take this little girl long to catch up! She ran around with her little basket like she had done this many times before. She even managed to find a couple of eggs on her own, and they were hidden--not just on the ground in plain sight!

This little girl was forced to find eggs that were not pink, since there was only one. Of course, she made it her mission to find the only pink one, but who could complain about color when there's money inside!?
And this boy LOVES hunting eggs so much, that he orchestrates a couple of hunts a day! The only problem is...he tells Renée that he will hide them for her, but then he starts hunting them as soon as he hides them! He claims that the "forgot" he wasn't supposed to hunt AND find, but he just can't resist!

See...all by herself! Such a big girl.
And that concludes the hunt...until we do it tomorrow...all over again!

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