09 April 2008

baby jack johnson...

so, there's a new edition to the jack johnson fan club in our house. renee was converted after watching the curios george movie, but i guess the guitar did it for elijah.

obviously, since it's pink it's renee's. (a pink guitar was on her Christmas list -- leave it to mimi to find one!) she likes it, but elijah is COMPLETELY obsessed with it, and has been since day one. in fact, it went into hiding for a while because it was such a hot item.

well, it's back the novelty is over for renee and love affiar is intensifying for elijah. he asks for 2 things when he wakes up in the morning--his waffle and his "bitar." it is now down to 4 strings, but it's still music to his ears!

what can i say? he's a natural! we've showed renee countelss times how to hold it, but he did it right away without any help!


The Robinsons said...

Looks like you have quite the little musician. Elijah can play the guitar while Renee dances--how cute would that be! :-)

Coila said...

Oooh, I like Rachel's idea! He is so cute! And he actually does look a little like Jack Johnson. I hope he sticks with it, how fun would that be?