17 April 2008

It's a Potty MIRACLE!

So yesterday a miracle occured in our house! My baby boy has decided that he will willingly use the potty! This picture was taken in November when the interest started, but it didn't last long...recently, he was throwing a fit when I even mentioned the word "potty!" Well things have changed, and I'm not complaining!

On Tuesday night he peed on the potty becasue Renée did, and then immediately ran to her room to put on princess panites...just like hers. Well, I whipped out his underwear and he willingly took them! He grudginly took them off to put on a pull-up to sleep in, but did thanks again to Renée!

On Wednesday he was wearing a diaper, but stayed dry the whole day...we were at Mimi's house, and he went to the potty 3 times! And then again when we got to our house! I'm not sure what started it...maybe Mimi's house is magical (it is where Renée potty trained while we were home for Christmas one year). Or mabye it was a result of our conversation in the car Tuesday morning. We had just dropped Renée off at preschool and he said, "I go to preschool!" My response was, "if you start going to the potty and wearing underwear you can..." Whatever the reason...I'm so happy!

Today he wore underwear! He was so excied and showed everyone we saw! We even took a short trip to target and made it out dry! I think overall a VERY succesful first day in underwear! YEAH ELIJAH! His only accident was during the time he was up past his bedtime! It's not the route I took with Renée, but he his a little more strong-willed so we're going all in!


Anonymous said...

That's a great picture to keep in the album for furture generations (and girlfriends!)

Coila said...

Oh good! Good for all of you! What a big helper Renee must be. :)

little e said...

this picture cracks me up! that pot cracks me up!! it's the funniest thing to me. anyway, YAY ELIJAH!