19 April 2008

In memory of "The Lip House"

So i'm up at a ridicuolus hour baking cookies (which are so cute) for the shower tomorrow, and while they bake I've been adding songs to my playlist...I had to add "you make me feel like dancing!" It brings back SO MANY memories from "the lip house!"

It was the last house I lived in before Orum and I got married...just to clue you in on some of the highlights...6 girls, 3 bedroom, and 1 bathroom...yes i said 1! not 1 1/2, but 1! but, suprisingly, it wasn't such a big deal since our schedules were so staggered. It sarted out with Me, Margaret, Annie, and Liahona (I had lived with annie and lia for the 2 months prior during summer term--they had lived with one of my "roommates" from the dorm freshman year. margaret was their friend who was away for the summer in D.C. which is the only reason i ended up moving in that condo). Then there was Jessica--she was friends with some of the guys in condo row that we went to church with. Then her friend Cari moved in too...it was thanks to Cari that our house got it's name!

I was home for a few weeks keeping the boys while sam and linda lou were in jackson when the move acctually occured. I drove up to the house, and found red neon lips hanging in our front window! (well they weren't really neon, they were made of red rope lights, but you get the point) They made a big impact, so we kept them up the whole year! We lived on a main street for student housing, so it also helped when giving directions!

We had LOTS of fun times in the house...lots of dancing to this song for one. (It was the cd that usually stayed in the bathroom, courtesy of cari) Turning the basement into the ? what did we call it? we attempted to sheet the whole area like they did on an episode of trading spaces, but it didn't really work out! Decorating with our finds from DI--like our HUGE 1970 olive green lamps, does anyone have those/pictures? Bunk beds...? The piles of dirty dishes...for some reason we belived the land lord when he said he would install one...right! Our valentine's day breakfast, which annie seems to still be carrying on. Margaret and annie sharing a bed. Annie in her mummy bag. The missing lotions, coats, and make-up...Trading spaces episodes everyday at 4. Annie and the hair salon in our den. The piles and piles of laundry. Me burning my thumb down to the bone the first week we were there (well not really to the bone, but close to it!) Sunday morning rush to get to church. Tasty treats from Cari's kitchen! the strange men walking in our house when they were paving the back parking lot, along with the random electricity outages that jason "forgot to tell us about." And so much more! Help me remember...Miss y'all so much! Love, bre :)

this is the only digital picture i had of us...margaret, lia, annie & miles, me & elijah. the boys are only days apart! elijah is older, but he looks so much younger! it was obviously, years after we had moved out, but it was the last time we got together before we all moved to other states! cari-i know i have pictures with you from my wedding...i'm going to find them, don't you worry!

i remembered more...wedding planning! margaret and i got married a week apart. annie was close to being engaged, or maybe she was? Jessica got engaged and moved after christmas (we did get a new roommate from next door). "the carwreck" me and cari--she was driving me to school. we later took a visit to the er thanks to her dad, i can see! the last minute trip to vegas, which everyone backed out of, so it was me, annie, and jed. the plan was to ride the big kahouna, but it was closed when we got there. we ate at denny's on the strip and drove back. i guess it was a holiday; annie and i slept when we got home, but i think jed had to go to work. and that was after he got a ticket on the way home--so close to our house! and of course my surgery and all the contraband i recieved at the hospital! :) I suppose these would be my "wild and crazy days."


Margaret said...

Oh Bree! I love this post. It just brought back soooo many memories. I loved the lip house!
I keep thinking of things that happened there now. So much fun. Such a good time of life.
Did I ever tell you I met someone that asked me where I had lived in Provo? I was explaining where the lip house was and he said, "was it near the house with the neon lips?" Why yes it was!

Margaret said...

oh yea, and that song will always and forever remind me of you.

that and playing "when uno attacks"

JAM said...

ok, I am laughing so hard right now at " when uno attacks" Because really it does...attack!
Bree- I have to compliment you on your amazing memory. I am so glad you posted this. I had totally forgot about the " make out room" which no one ever went in because it was creepy and cold and dirty?
Love it, thanks for the memories.