10 April 2008

more parties!

i just can't get enough!
i absolutely ♥ to plan parties!
it might just be the funnest thing i've ever done! (i know that technically funnest is not a word, but i think it sounds more exciting! artistic license, right?) in just 2 days is Jessi's wedding--at the park how fun!? and one week from that a baby shower! the theme is whales!
how fun is that?

tonight, i've been working on a few things for the wedding--candy pretzels and a dumdum bouquet. yesterday, i put together some branches to hang votives from, it's so funky! and tomorrow--just a few other hundred things to do; i can't wait! pictures to come soon!
now something to make you laugh:
some background info--elijah hangs out in the bathroom every moring while orum gets ready for work. he just left...

yes--he's fixing his hair "just like daddy does" and brushing his teeth...with my toothbrush! notice the purple on his pj's; he'd already been in renee's make-up (purple lipstick!) it was a very busy morning!


Coila said...

That's adorable! He looks so serious, like he really just needs to get ready for work/school or something. Too cute.

I love the parties you're blogging about! You sound like quite the planner! Please post some pictures, the last parties you blogged about had great pictures! :)

erica said...

i feel so out of the loop! i can't wait to see pictures from the wedding. thank you SO MUCH for watching my kids in the midst of all your craziness yesterday! it's crunch time for the shower..eh?

elijah=funniest kid ever.

Mark and Kim said...

Where were you when I needed a wedding planned?! Those are GREAT pics of Elijah! I can't believe how big he is already!