13 April 2008

Jessi's wedding

Jessi's wedding was yesterday...it was a beatiful day sans the awful wind! While setting up--we had to fix and refix everything multiple times! the vases kept blowing over and breaking. Eventually, someone decided to scruch up the table overlays and place large rocks underneath to brace the flowers! luckily, there was a flowerbed nearby with huge rocks! and it worked about 90 percent of the time! everytime a huge wind would come, we would look around to see what needed to be caught! next problem--the poster size pictures that were supposed to hang around the edges of the bandstand...kept blowing off! eventually, several had to be taken down and then were placed in the flowerbeds along side the extra lanters--it actually looked really cute and purposeful!

I have to say the detail i was most pround of were the lantern cluster! It was so awesome! Jessi had 36 white lanters. I concinced her to let me spray paint them and they looked SO CUTE! the only question was how exactly i could get them up there! a table and a 9 ft. ladder of course! (i know melanie got a picture of that!) my inital method was going to hang them by a magnetic hooks, but turns out clips were cheaper--so i got clips. I intended for the magnets to hold them, but the clip did the trick! the wind didn't get a single one! I have to admit i was SO PROUD of the creation! It made the space! (A side note about the cake--both this cake and the cake from the last wedding were designed from the same picture!)

Now for the major wind issue...the chocolate fountian! The ceremony was across the park at a cool cazeebo. I had the fountain set up and ready to go...then the wind came! Before the guests ever made it over to the reception area 6 lbs of chocolate had gone to the wind...so noone every saw/ate any of it! So far i'm 0-2 for the chocolate fountain! better luck next time!

Of course, just as the last wedding there were camera issues! I at least remembered to take pictures, but after a few snaps my battery died! UGH! At least melanie kept snapping away
(that's her below!)

Other fun details--fortune cookies (intended to be used with the chocolate fountain) had personalized fourtunes, monogramed cookies for favors, the candy buffet (the dum dum bouquet made another appearance), the poster size prints and monograms, and lots and lots of sweets! At the cazeebo for the reception, we had shepard's hooks lining the walk with daisy filled jars hanging by ribbon, the huge urns filled with branches going everywhere with tea lights hanging in jars, and a monogramed runner! The bride was so happy and looked so beautiful! She wanted everything to be very simple, fun, but funky...she kept saying the entire time, "i love it!" I loved it too, and it was so fun to do it for her! Everyone seemed to be having an great time--especially during clean-up when mo and the kids started the kareoke/dance-off!

Best wishes to Jessi and Jeff!
and enjoy the beach...


Jessi said...

Breeeeeeannna! You are amazing, my friend! I still can't believe the FABULOUS event I attended yesterday was MY wedding!! I can never thank you enough for all the hard work and creativity you put into my big day. You made it absolutely perfect! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

little e said...

wow! what a fun looking wedding. y'all did a great job...and that cake is awesome! wow.

The Robinsons said...

Wow! That looked like it was absolutely besutiful. You really should start a wedding planner business! The bride is lucky to have you as a friend!

Jordan & Emily said...

I just have to know- what kind of camera do you have? Everytime I look at your blog you have amazing photos. I also like how it feels as if I can hear you talking when I read your posts. These blogs everyone started are so enjoyable. Don't forget- what kind of camera do you have? Love, Emily

breanna said...

hey emily! i have a nikon d-40. i LOVE it, but i'm still learning how to use it!