06 April 2008


RULES: Chose the right meaning of the word and these people donate free rice through the UN. You'll see an advertisement banner at the bottom--these people pay for the rice. Each word right is worth 20 grains of rice. They also rate your vocab level. Get 3 in a row right and your vocab level goes up a level. Get 1 wrong it goes down.

I got up to level 32. I thought I was doing pretty good, but there are like 55 levels. I guess I need to expand my vocabulary! I finially I had to make myself stop after donating 5500 grains of rice. I'm sure that doesn't feed too many people, but it was 2 in the morning! thanks paige!
level update--i stopped at 5500 grains of rice again, and my highest level was 35.

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Coila said...

I know! I love that and I have such a hard time quitting! At least it's a game that helps other people, though.