06 April 2008

I ♥ Renée!

So this evening Renee and I were riding in the car. We were talking about who were her aunts, uncles, who were sisters, etc. She was basically trying to figure out genealogy patterns in her smart little head. So we started naming her aunts (the ones that are orum's sisters--which by the way are all always claiming to be the "favorite aunt". so it is a problem that they created!)

I'm naming and she stops me and asks, "Do you know who my favorite aunt is?" Holding back laughter, I replied with a, "no, who?" She immediately said, "little aunt marion!" when i asked her why the reasons included--"because she's so funny! she laughs whenever I laugh and she plays candyland with me!" So I guess it's true children spell love T-I-M-E!

We miss our litte aunt marion so, and we can't wait until she is home for a visit! Renee quickly asked for a sleepover with her while we were on the subject of our beloved little aunt marion! I'm sure she can't turn us down--at least she hasn't yet! Except this time, she expects to actually sleep with her!

i know the picture is from easter, but it shows another reason why i ♥ this little girl! she LOVES pink! for the second year in a row she collected only pink eggs! today we were painting with watercolors and she asked me why i like green. we were in the kitched, which i painted lemongrass green. i told her that green is fun, but that when i was a little girl that my favorite color was pink. she looked at me with a look of horror and asked. "why is your favorite color not pink anymore?!" what can you say to that?


erica said...

i ♥ your pea font! don't you love how honest kids are? renee cracks me up!

Cheri said...

Ahh, little girls and pink. I guess that's why some of us get balanced out with a boy, right? :) She's darling.

Anonymous said...

She is so right...What's wrong with you Breanna? Pink is the best!