20 March 2010

another first!

Another perk of cruising...someone is standing ready to make soft-serve ice cream 24 hours a day. We ate A LOT. On the last day at sea, I left the kids at the pool with Orum and brought back 3 ice cream cones. Hazel's eyes were gianormous!!! I think she was in shock that she was going to get one all to herself. No sharing with a parent. It was her first, and it didn't take long for her to figure it out. She did have a couple of shining examples...

I also heard Renée say, "I LOVE when mommy does pool service!" Pool service? She said that like she sits at the pool all day and calls to her butler. We have neither, but points for me still.

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Margaret said...

I love that Renee said that. Classic.

Uh, that bedding? What the? It is adorable. DO you make bedding a lot?