06 March 2010

the birthday fairies!

Yesterday, Renée had her school party. This birthday is like the celebration that NEVER ends! We haven't even made it to her actual birthday yet! Of course, this party HAD to have wings and party hats!!! One of the girls said it was the BEST party ever, and I have to say for a school party maybe it was!

The decided that the cupcake toppers made great party hat toppers!


melanie, aka Mo said...

I seriously can't believe she is having school parties and looking so big-like! All that mouth full of no teeth doesn't help the matter either! can you believe she is SIX?! Come home. I need you.

Mary Martha said...

those dresses. my goodness. is that her uniform? love it!

breanna said...

YES! That's her uniform! The dresses alone sold me on the school:) although, next year she will have to wear a plaid catholic school girl jumper. She's not too excited about that either! Who would be, right!?