17 March 2010

st. patrick's day 2010

Another holiday, another hair clip--at least that's what Renée and her friends think. They definitely came out ahead this year. Elijah was left with only green kisses. I had grand plans of sending him to school with green play dough shaped like shamrocks. If only I had started earlier than the morning of. I guess there's always next year, and seeing that I sent the candy in a big ziplock instead of on a cute card, etc. I have a lot to make up for! At this rate Hazel may never make it to school with anything!!

1 comment:

Rachel said...

Ummm, I have to say that even if all Elijah brought was hershey kisses, it was probably more than everyone else in the class brought. :) You really go above and beyond when it comes to holidays-cute hair clips.