31 March 2010


Until last month Elijah was set on a robot party. Then he decided spiderman--we settled on "Superheros" and I think it was adorable! He doesn't really know anything about spiderman, other than he's red and blue...although I'm sure those days are numbered.
The amazing invitations were made by the fabulous Jessi!!! We used my lucky shot from Halloween, and she worked her magic. I LOOOOOOVE them, so did his friends! They asked him how he knew how to fly.
I don't know why he chose to put a "C" on his cape, especially since he's obsessed with the letter E, but he was the birthday boy.
Since he is the IV, I thought it would be fun to use the roman numeral. Besides, it looks like it could be a super hero logo--more so than a 4.
I made this never ending bunting...I LOOVE it! It wrapped all the way around our area. Our party could be seen from the streetcar! {It will likely be making a lot of appearances, since I made the flags interchangeable}
Super Hero water bottles {just imagine that the label were face up}

Super Hero straws for the lemonade
{aren't the callouts adorable...find them here}
Pop Corn and a little Super
The "Super Staging area"--we had capes, masks, and bracers. The kids cut out their letters and added stars/butterflies. They were a hit!!

Of course, the boys decided that they needed to layer the masks so that they could have two colors. I have to say that I was suprised--I would expect that from the girls, not the boys!
And this little baby was happy to be free...with the wind blowing her hair and cape. I think it's safe to assume that she will no longer be content to sit in the stroller or on the bench at the park!
These two thought they were Super Cute--no layering for them. Only pink.

The cupcakes...Elijah chose green icing. Scrumptious, huh? Jessi made the SUPER cute toppers too!

{I don't think he needed the help with the candles, but he got it}
the adorable ice cream cups {and straws and cupcake liners} came from here.
The capes also doubled as bibs.

And, of course, there was a "bad guy" that needed to be taken out!


Jessi said...

Your party planning skills never cease to amaze me! Everything looked SO SUPER CUTE!

Cat said...

When I have children it is my full intention to move close to you and have you do all the fun creative stuff for them. I'll be in charge of their maintenance. You know, making sure they eat, sleep and don't die. ;)

Love it Bre. And you.