19 March 2010


I just finished this super cute bedding for a set of sisters. I decided that I MUST take it outside to take pictures. It seemed so easy--the bed is only a few yards from the back door, and is easy to take apart/put together.

Got the bed outside and put together. The perfect overcast was gone. The sun was out--on the wrong side of the house. So instead of taking pictures in front of our grungy barn-esque garage doors, I had to turn the bed. Now there's a lovely view of the neighbors littered yard. The wind started blowing. The bedskirt was constantly flying up. I may have broken the bed a little, and I got A LOT of crazy looks from the passing traffic!! My friend even stopped to see what I was doing because she said she could see this bed for blocks down the busy street! It may be bright, but I LOOOOVE it!! And so do my girls...a duplicate set may soon have a home here!

I didn't even attempt to take the crib outside! I've decided that I need a spare bed in the garage just to use for pictures--maybe an iron one.
I mean seriously...those are 2 lucky little girls! My girls' pale pink and white room seems SOOO boring now. I can't wait to hear what they think about it!


Cheri said...

Oh my goodness - SO cute!! You sure have a talent.

Salem said...

I LOVE the crib bedding...so cute!!!