30 March 2010


For some reason, I always feel pressure when it's time to post an event {this time it's elijah's birthday party} So for now, we'll skip it, and I'll show you what I did today while they were at school. I realized this morning that Renée was starting Easter break a day early {tomorrow} so I frantically worked on these as soon as Elijah was at school. I had them there by lunch, so a fast project I must say!

I had grand plans of listing them on etsy weeks ago, with shirts to match, of course, but that never happened. This month was overtaken by parties, birthdays, and more parties--not that I' mind :) Then today, I found this project...my peep obsession has just been reignited!!!
Elijah is once again left with candy. It's much harder for me to do cute stuff for him. I don't think the boys would appreciate hair clips:) not to mention his teacher who does not appreciate the cute stuff at all! Per her request, we had to bring wrapped candy. I think that note was solely directed at me...we did our best. He was happy.

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