15 March 2010

she's 2 hands--officially!

The day finally came--she turned 6 on Tuesday! Quite exciting...I mean how could you NOT be excited to wake up and see this on your birthday!!! What a lucky little girl. It's true. We were on a cruise with Orum's family--all but one of his sisters were there. LOTS of fun was had by all! This day was our first stop--Costa Maya.
Renée and Elijah chose to stay in Kids Club while we went ashore, and when we went back to the room she saw this! They was enamored by the balloons taped to the ceiling! Their cheesy stuff totally overshadowed my cute banner on the curtains, but it came with the cake...

Of course, there was a party in order for dinner! Party hats were required.
{someone's child would NOT get out of the picture!}

Everyone wore a hat. They were so excited about it. :)
There was only one exception...the sleeping one. It was probably better that way. She doesn't yet have an appreciation for party hats--you may remember from her own party pictures.
And then there was an overrated cake and PRESENTS! By the look on
her face, it was like Christmas for her. Only two days before, Orum's sister, Elizabeth was given a sapphire necklace from their dad. When Renée saw it she asked, "Does it come in different colors, like pink?" "What about different shapes?" She then asked for a pink heart necklace.

We scoured the port Tuesday afternoon for a pink heart necklace. Not that I condone heart shaped stone necklaces, because I don't. They are super cheesy, but I thought for sure we could find one in Mexico. Nope. None. I am sure that next week the shops will be full of them because our group of 16 Americans asked everyone for one. Instead Granddaddy purchased her a round pink necklace. She LOOOVED it! Maybe a little too much--now she tells me that it's so special she needs to keep it safe in the little bag.
And what's a party to her without mermaids and princesses--even a castle too!
And to end the night...a towel bunny!
{sadly, our one and only towel animal the entire week!}
I seriously can not believe she is 6! It seems like I just blogged about her turning 4. Time really does fly. Now to get the celebrations in order for the soon-to-be 4 year old!

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Amanda said...

That looks like so much fun, what a lucky girl! I'm glad y'all are back. I've missed seeing you.