03 March 2010

meet bunny!

While we wait for party pictures, i'll introduce you to "bunny!" He's actually not a bunny at all, but a puppy...shhhhh don't tell Elijah. Renée has a purple bunny that she has been attached to since she was about 9 months old, so naturally she called his lovie a bunny to you. Elijah refuses to believe anything else.

Bunny usually sleeps in the bed, but last night Elijah decided that they would have a sleepover. For some reason Eljah thinks that if someone sleeps on the floor, then it is in fact a sleepover. Renée's napmat is usually involved in the setup, but it was at school. He had to improvise with his blanket. He even made sure that bunny had his "favorite toy" to play with--a little white horse. Who knew that bunny had a favorite toy!? At least he looks happy!

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