30 April 2009

big brother...

i'm beginning to think that Elijah is a better BIG brother than a little brother! He LOVES Renée a lot, but ADORES Hazel! {and Hazel is pretty fond of him too!} I think he enjoys being with her so much, because there's no pressure "to keep up!" And he doesn't have to worry about hazel telling him what to do and how to do it...he likes to do things his OWN way! {like shoes on which ever foot he decides or opening the door EVERY time someone comes in  or out of the house}

He doesn't like to be without Hazel and rarely is! Today we left her at home with Orum for a few minutes to get Renée from school. He almost had a MAJOR meltdown! When I started backing out of the driveway, he franticly said, "Where's hazel? You forgot her! Mommy you forgot Hazel!" He calmed down once I said that we could walk into school together to get Renée, and that we would get Hazel in a few minutes. I'm sure as she gets older things may change, but for now they are SOOO sweet!
he even shares his "cold blanket" and his "star pillow." he's VERY specific...it's never just blanket and pillow!

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