29 April 2009

T day...

this morning i went to Renée's school for the pre-k good manners
tea party. the girls got to wear a party dress and invited their moms.
they sang a few songs...some about manners and, of course, i'm a little tea pot. i was SO glad that Renée ended up on the front row! it is the first time ever! for the past 3 years she has always been on the second row and always behind the tallest/largest person in the class. hooray for good planning today!they made the cutest little tea party hats out of a paper plate an a bowl! of course, like most of the girls Renée's was mostly pink. {in fact EVERYTHING at the party was pink!}
Renée and a few of her friends. {Lizette the other girl from the "french friends" trio is second from the left} i'm a little annoyed because i took most of my pictures without the flash. it looked good on the lcd...not so much now. i should have know school lighting was bad! hopefully, i'll know how to use photoshop soon and can fix them!{thanks to jessi:)}

each girl was supposed to bring a doll. i'm not sure why. they ended up putting them down while they sang. When we sat down, Renée found a "high chair" for her doll. {down by the legs of the table--not so much high, but it worked}

this was actually my baby doll! Renée found it at my mom's house when we were there for thanksgiving, and has been loving it ever since! up until hazel was born, she kept telling me that if the baby was a girl, then she would share her doll's bonnet with the baby. fitting since my great grandmother {hazel} gave me the doll, but i don't think her head was that small!
she's dying to know what that baby's name was when it was mine, and i have NO IDEA...maybe i never named her!? i don't know that i ever really played with her. she was my "special" baby and stayed in my doll cradle most of the time. Renée and I obviously have different ways of treating our special things...i just looked at mine and she takes hers everywhere! {really, this baby had black legs yesterday!} and i guess that's ok...i just love that she loves it!
next we played tea party bingo...she was VERY into it! she even got the first bingo at the table, but they played until everyone was a winner.
Renée and her teacher Ms. Giovingo. {Renée has trouble with her eyes and taking pictures...most of the time they are closed. but lately she's been looking in a completely different direction than the camera!}
this is her friend Madeline. she LOVES Madeline and Madeline LOVES to pick Renée up! they are quite silly together...

the good manners didn't last long...a couple of girls went up to take pictures and soon they were all running up and jumping around like wild monkeys! didn't last long...Ms. Higgambotham, the headmistress, soon put an end to that! {how cool is it that they have a "headmistress"!? she actually is really nice}

it was such a cute party. they had the girls write the place cards and draw a place mat for their mom. they had to draw something that they like to do with their mom. Renée drew up swimming. pretty funny since i usually don't get in the pool--at least not since we lived in Utah almost 3 years ago! and they painted a cute heart pin for us to wear. mine was gold...since living in New Orleans and learning about the Saints she loves GOLD! it actually makes her "top 3 favorite colors!" But my favorite part was being with my little girl! Thanks, Renée. I LOVED it!

then on to T-BALL...elijah still thinks t-ball is the best!
orum decided to tell him to throw the ball up and catch it in his glove...i don't think that was a good idea! the ball was nowhere in the vicinity of his glove...he usually just chucked it behind him and then ran around in a circle looking for it. dangerous...
buuuut...they got to BAT today! he was excited to say the least...
so far he's a switch hitter...i think he prefers left, orum thinks right...maybe that means he will be a successful switch hitter
they each got 3 bats...the first 2 went like this, but the 3rd was a success!

he's probably the youngest in the group {he had just turned 3 the week before it started, and you have to be 3} but i think that he's definitely the most enthusiastic! look at that stance!

and hazel? in true young fashion, she took TIMEOUT for a nap!!


katie said...

it's especially awesome that the headmistress's name is higgambotham!

Orum said...

HAHA, I was thinking just the same thing!