12 April 2009


renee's spring break started on thursday...when you go to catholic school "holy thursday" is a holiday too! and since she got out half day on wednesday that makes almost 2 weeks of sleeping in:) anyway...we sent these cute treats to school on wednesday. i had big plans of doing egg cookies and sending them in little baskets, but when i couldn't find my egg cookie cutter i just did these. fitting though, since they are the "duck" class. and of course, when i put the last sheet in the oven i found the egg cutter...oh well.

thanks to jessi's mad photoshop skills i made the cute little tags. can those be called tags? i know if she had actually done them they would have been a little more intricate, but it was already past 1 and my ps skills are lacking to say the least...hopefully one day i will get some tutoring!
yesterday morning we took the kids to the easter egg hunt at the church. of course, we were decked out in our CUTE easter outfits! {thank you aunt heather!} neither of the kids would keep the grass in their buckets!
and while we were waiting for the hunt to start {because we were actually on time/early!} we took a few pictures! these 2 are getting SO much better about pictures together....but i can't say the same when it's the 3 of them!
another holiday...another fever blister for renee! and this time with a double ear infection! we were out of drugs for the fever blister so we went to the doctor that morning. i know....AMAZING that i was so productive, so early on a saturday morning! anyway, while we were there he asked if she had complained about her ears. i said no. he said well, they are both infected. {it's been tradition that she gets an ear infection EVERY christmas, so hopefully we haven't added easter to the list!}

hmmmm.....this child! she has always NEEDED LOTS of sleep, and all day preschool has taken its toll! she now has fever blisters almost once a month! on friday morning she woke me up at 6 something and said she had a bad dream. i sent her back to bed, and went to sleep myself. when i woke up a few hours later...she was up and had been since 6 and also had those 2 beauties!

i know that its supposedly a myth that girls need more sleep than boys, but according to my kids it is FACT!!! Renee gets about 11-12 every night and i'm still dragging her out of bed for school. Elijah on the other hand usually wakes me up every morning a little after 7 and doesn't even have to get up! {oh how i can't wait to get back on a late schedule this summer! 7am and me DO NOT get along! and hazel sleeps until 10!}
anyway, we have drugs and she is already on the mend! back to easter...
see what i mean? the 3 of them posing together=lots of weird faces and wandering eyes...i keep hoping if i try enough that i could get 1 picture of them all looking happy and at the camera. still tyring!
here they are waiting for the rope to fall...Elijah was SO excited!! he was FINALLY getting to hunt eggs! last year would have been his first year to actually do it, but he was in his cast and was being pulled around in a wagon. cute, but probably not too much fun.
he seriously ran around like a crazy little boy picking up EVERY egg he saw! he didn't get the concept of only 12 eggs! i kept chucking eggs out of his bucket for the little ones.

hazel was actually awake for some of the activities, which is highly unusual! she usually sleeps through EVERYTHING!!!
orum was on "baby duty," while i was on "camera duty." i know that renee and elijah were so happy that he waited to study until after the egg hunt,and i think hazel may have been too!
can you guess whose bucket? of course, in true renee fashion she only collected pink eggs once again! i wonder how long she will keep this up!? after all that fun...hazel and her baby friend parker snoozed away in their carseats!
and of course, the bunny came! not much candy, but lots of fun stuff! the bunny even got crafty this year and made a dog and cat hooded towel. that bunny needs a LOT of practice with those! if they had been made in a factory, they would have gone straight to the "irregular" bin!! the kids like them and they LOOK cute on. i guess that's all that matters! hopefully they won't fall apart in the washer!
{sorry momma....the easter bunny stole the pink bunny because hazel's bucket was too bare!}
and no easter would be complete without seeing a cute baby in her easter bonnet! her tiny size 1 bonnet that mimi gave her for christmas FINALLY fits!
I'm now debating if im up for elijah and renee with egg dye!?!
happy easter!


Mark and Kim said...

So much fun! I can't wait to have kids that can do easter egg hunts and color easter eggs. Mark's not big into holidays so I need kiddos to make it more fun!

melanie, aka Mo said...

Sooo cute. I love Easter. Who am I kidding? I love ALL holidays! and I LOVE those favors from Renee. Put that idea in the Ellie/Gabbi birthday parties folder! I need you to head up soon. Need to clean out the ol' closet. LOTS of hand me downs too! We are even moving up a shoe size. Goooooo Hazel!!

Did you get my card?! A Jessi quickie! U an getting less picky and she is so efficient, that we are whipping those suckers out quickly now!

As for the egg dye. Did you see my post today?! Happy Easter. Melanie

Margaret said...

Great pics Bre. Warm weather looks nice. Our Easter was full of rain.
By the way, what in the world is a fever blister and why does your daughter get them?

breanna said...

margaret...maybe you call them cold sores? you know that herpes virus that people get on their face! renee gets them when she's not getting enough sleep. all thanks to orum who had one when she was 9 months old when he had one!!! {i obviously still haven't let that one go!}

breanna said...

i meant to say that he kissed her when he had one. {she was 9 months old.}

Melisse Myers said...

no smocked outfits for us this easter... My sisters wedding is april 18th, and since I had to get wedding outfits that matched with all the little cousins, I decided to be practical and call those 'easter outfits' too. I am still a little sad... but then we spent all of easter Sunday in the car in our PJs driving to Cali to my parents!

Rachel said...

Very cute Easter outfits. And, I love the little bonnet. Enjoy it while she can't pull it off her head...Eva ripped her adorable Easter hair out at church on Sunday. And, by the end of church she looked as if she had been in a fight. I had a cute one for Eva but it was sleeveless and it was freezing cold here so she was covered up in a sweater and you couldn't even see the dress...maybe I'll break it out again next week.