13 April 2009

eggs: round 1

since i'm a "big meanie" and i stick to my guns, even on holidays....our Sunday night egg dying only had one participant--Elijah! The deal was take a nap...then eggs. well, one little girl decided to spend 4 hours playing in her bed instead! yes, the one who has a fever blister because she doesn't get enough sleep...go figure!

{clarification--i don't make everybody sleep for 4 hours! Elijah actually slept for 3 and then for a solid hour after he woke up, she kept saying she was going to sleep so she could do eggs too...which is hard to do if you aren't actually lying down! i don't know why she's so stubborn about taking a nap!? they are AWESOME and she obviously NEEDS them!}

anyway...while renee was finally sleeping for the night...Elijah and I got creative! He was SO into it! He was the one i was worried about coloring my entire kitchen, but we survived with minimal splatters AND i even let him take the eggs in and out of the dye!

of course, waiting is always the hard part! there was always a line for the orange cup--he wanted every egg to be orange. it's his favorite color...yellow is next. it took a little convincing to put an few eggs in the blue or green cup. in the meantime....he decided to provide a little entertainment...he's been working on his "excited" faces and that he was!

check out his cool tats...courtesy of the easter bunny!

oh, and melanie we just had the paas dye too...where's your creativity? we did the first few with the magic crayon and then we got CRAZY with the stars, e, and polka dots! {the polka dot one was mine--elijah said that i could only have 1} i win this year...better luck next year! :)
round 2 begins today...lucky for renee we saved her a few! {i think it's safe to assume the round 2 will consist of mostly pink and purple!}

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Melisse Myers said...

Orange first...then yellow...that is Carter exactly.... these boys need to meet up some day!