12 April 2009

play ball...

so, elijah has been left out of everything lately because everything in this city starts at 4! BUUUT...i just found out about a 6-week T-ball clinic and we signed up on the spot. HE LOVES IT!!! actually, he's quite obsessed with it! It's only 40 minute sessions, once a wee!k, for 6 weeks and he is going to be SO sad when it's over! Last Tuesday was their first day. They didn't do much....talked about bases, ran the bases and learned how to break in a glove. They play at the corner of Audubon Park that is closest to Orum's school so he walked over to witness the excitement! He even ended up being the "3rd base coach." i can't tell who is more excited about t-ball now...orum or elijah!? When we bought Elijah's glove, orum got one too. As soon as Elijah sees a glimpse of Orum, he starts asking, "Can we play baseball? Can we play baseball?" He carries their 2 gloves around the house all day just waiting for him to come home!
the clinic is for boys and girls from 3-6 years old. He was probably the youngest there since he's only been 3 for a couple of weeks, but he was by far the MOST enthusiastic! "Coach Dave" had them all sit on a rope while he was talking, and he sat there oh so attentive! {seriously!}

and then during "half-time" Elijah decided he would coach a bit...he thought half-time was a COMPLETE waste of time! {why have a snack when you could play baseball? whimps!} I'm not sure why he had his hands on his hips....i guess he thought it was more authoritative?
here they are running the bases...he wasn't really pushing this kid. he just didn't need him to get pounced when he started running with his Dash-like speed! {he loves to think that he can run as fast as Dash from the Incredibles!}

when it was over, he was a little disappointed because he didn't even get to touch a ball! but that's ok...daddy took care of that! he now has 3 and has been working on stopping grounders.
when we got home he went right to work killing caterpillars. {the ones that sting!} i guess they fall from the oak trees...they are EVERYWHERE! i counted 7 on our front steps that day. of course, he's not afraid of a little sting. his weapon of choice rocks...

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