23 April 2009

take me out to the ball park....

yeterday, after school we went to Audubon park so that Renée could play with "her new best friend" Amalie. About a month or so ago, we were there and they met. From the first hello, they have acted as if they have been friends FOREVER! it's quite adorable! this is how they are the entire time they are together...we are convinced these 2 must have been friends before!

these 2 go to different schools, but it turns out that another girl in Renée's class, Lizette, is also in love with Amalie. Lizette and Amalie met at summer camp last year...the three of them are now known as the "french friends!"

anyway, while at the park, they invited us to go to the Tulane/UNO baseball game. Since Elijah is consumed with baseball and Renée loves Amalie, we went. The field is just a few blocks from our house, so we walked down. These 2 held hands the whole way!

hazel had a little snooze as soon as we got to the bleachers...seriously this little girl is the BEST baby ever! i mean Renée and Elijah were very good babies, but she is golden! Anytime we are out and about, she is either sleeping or quietly observing...but usually sleeping!

Elijah thinks he can hang with the 6 year olds! Amalie has a 6 year old brother, Owen. Elijah followed Owen and his friend around the whole night! Then on the way out he saw these boys...they were probably about 8 or 9. he jumped right in the middle of their ball game!
{his super speed doesn't photograph well...hence the blurry little boy in the middle:)}
there was a group of men in the corner section of our bleachers, that got each of the kids a game ball out of the field house. they were all SO excited! Elijah even slept with his...now i just have to figure out how to get it away from him before damage is done {material or bodily!} MUCH harder than the t-ball he's used to!

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