03 April 2009

love the chub..

ok, so maybe she's not SO chubby. but relatively speaking, she's my chubbiest yet! she did weigh in today at 11lbs 6 oz...that's a whole pound up from last month! i mean just look at these cute little rolls! and while you're looking {rachel} see if you can see one of the reasons i LOVE cloth diapers! i don't have to see elmo and his obnoxious little friends anymore! sure, we usually wear bloomers, but you could still see them!

i know, hard to believe that me...the" poop-a-phob" is using AND loving cloth diapers! but it's true!! i think potty training elijah must have hardened me, but caring for them is actually not that gross!

in fact, they are actually helping me keep my laundry under control! you are suppossed to run them through a rinse cycle before you wash them, so while i wait for the rinse to finish i steam some clothes! i now steam the clothes i washed from the day before, which only takes a few minutes. heather is probably the only one that can attest to how out of control the steaming pile gets over here, but believe me it BAD!

and they are really cute! we're not talking about prefolds and safety pins, but CUTE pink and purple and yellow and aqua diapars! and elijah loves his orange one! {the other 2 STILL have to sleep in diapers...any suggestions on how to fix that?} i imagine that they are also a bit more comfy...at least renee refuses to wear a disposable now!
don't worry, i'm not totally phsyco. i still have a stash of the regular diapers to wear with outfits that a cute fluffly diaper won't work with or for the day that they are all dirty. {or maybe my system is so fool proof we won't have those days!? i guess well see...} regardless, i do feel at ease that i don't ever have to worry about running out! i used to buy a case at sams, but for some reason when i would open the last package in the box i started to worry that i would run out! i know CRAZY...since there's like 70 in each package, but now i NEVER have to buy another diaper--unless there's one that's just too cute to pass up!

and the BEST part...we don't wake up soaked anymore!!! the little girl can soak through a disposable in no time--even changing her half way through the night. and since she usually makes her way into our bed at some point...when she woke up i was wet, she was wet, and my bed was wet! {no fun at all!} but those days are no more! i'm actually amazed becuase i NEVER anticipated that one, but seriosuly am SO glad!

now you can just forget about how crazy that all sounded and look at some more of her sweetness...
she has found her hand and LOVES them! loves to look at them...
and eat them...she's even trying to get only her thumb in there. but that's NEVER gonna happen! i've got my very own "thumb patrol!" renee and elijah have seen me take her hands out of her mouth so much lately, that they often beat me to it! they now take her hand out {suprisingly always VERY gently!} and replace it with her paci! and then they proceed to explain to her that you do not eat hands! it's actually really funny to hear! i need to try to video them in the act! and she LOVES to blow spit bubbles!

chubby or not...she's still cute!


Cat said...

Bre, reading your posts makes me ridiculously happy. I was trying to figure out why and I realized that it's because so much of what you do is exactly up my alley. Your style is very similar to mine, the things you love to things I love, etc. (huge fan of cloth diapers for example and plan on using them.) It actually makes me a little sad that I missed out on you at school because I think we could have been good chums!

Mark and Kim said...

Ok...sometime you need to call me and tell me in detail how you use/clean cloth diapers...if they're so great, I want in! And my sister used to have to wake up their daughter before they went to bed to use the bathroom b/c she was such a heavy sleeper. She adjusted soon enough!

David said...
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Kara said...

We have a sprayer bidet thing hooked to our toilet too, and it does really make the cleaning more bearable!