19 April 2009

not happening!

anytime, anywhere....this is our constant battle. she puts her thumb in, and i take it out. sure it's cute--especially how she has all of her other fingers sticking straight up. but after seeing 4/5 year old girls at preschool with their thumbs/fingers in her mouth, i'm more against it now than ever! sure, the other 2 kids gave it a taste test, but they were easily swayed...not this one! she is determined! yeah she's moving her paci over for her latest trick...BOTH!Hazel, don't make me break out the baby mittens!


Kimberly said...

Best of luck. I am with you on the bandwagon against thumb sucking but it can be a tough battle.

Rachel said...

Good luck. I tried doing the exact same thing with Eva. I was completely against her being a thumb sucker. But once she was old enough to figure out how to take the pacifier out, that was the end of it. I would put the pacifier in whenever I saw her stick her thumb in but she would either take it out or spit it out. And, I couldn't watch her 24/7, so it was a battle I lost and so to this day she is a thumb sucker.

The good thing about it though is that she is a self soother. I have an aunt that swears she wished all her kids were thumb suckers--she said it makes for calmer kids. So, who knows.... Good luck!

Jason and Kate said...

Wyatt does both! I'm actually kind of glad because if he wakes up in the night then maybe he sucks his thumb before I can get to him and falls asleep. Not sure. He sometimes takes his binkie out for his thumb. If he still does it when he is one that's when I'll start pushing him not to but for now I don't mind!